Model 2500 Zero Clearance Cabinet

No fireplace? No problem.

With the High Valley Zero-Clearance cabinet you can easily add a Model 2500 fireplace insert to your new construction or remodeling project. The ZC cabinet is specially engineered and safety tested to be installed with “zero clearance” to combustible materials. Unlike masonry construction, the ZC cabinet and insert combination requires no special foundation or support. Where space is an issue, the cabinet can be installed in an external “chase”, thereby saving floor space. Decorative options and styles can be chosen just like any normal Model 2500 fireplace insert. Choose from any 2500 Surround style to best match your living space and start heating efficiently today.

For more details: Download Zero Clearance Installation Manual | 780k PDF

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High Valley Zero Clearance Cabinet


Detailed Information

  Specs  Details
  Floor Strength  must support at least 600 lbs.
  Framed Opening  52" wide, 37.25" high, and 28" deep
  Framing Header  double header 12" above cabinet if load bearing
  Combustible Floor Covering  must be removed, including under Hearth Extension
  Finished Front Wall  flush with cabinet
  Adjacent Side Walls Clearance  12" from outer edge of surround
  Hearth Extension  16" deep and 52" wide minimum
  Hearth Extension Material  Micore CV230 | k = .43
  Clearance to Side Walls  12" from outer edge of surround

Go to the "High Valley 2500 Insert page for more details about stove performance and specifications.